The Oshawa Historical Society was founded in 1957 and is an affiliate of the Ontario Historical Society. The purpose of the Oshawa Historical Society is to bring together those individuals interested in the diverse historical aspects of Oshawa and to research, record, retain, preserve, and present historical information pertaining to the Oshawa area.

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November Speaker Series: Women’s Right to Vote


Ballots for Both, Ontario Franchise Campaign Committee; From the Toronto Public Library Collection

Against the backdrop of World War I and after half a century of activism, some women in Ontario were first given the right to vote in 1917 with the passing of the Ontario Franchise Act and The Election Law Amendment Act. For our November Speaker Series, join the Oshawa Historical Society in welcoming Dr. Alyson King of UOIT who will discuss the history of women’s suffrage, commemorating 100 years since this milestone passed.

The Oshawa Historical Society’s November Speaker Series is taking place Tuesday, November 21 at 7PM. The Speaker Series will be held at the Arts Resource Centre, located at 45 Queen Street, Oshawa. Admission to the Oshawa Historical Society Speaker Series is $3 or FREE for members of the Oshawa Historical Society.