Previous Year’s Speaker Series


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we did not hold a Speaker Series in March, April, or May, and the Annual General Meeting, usually held in May, was moved to September.

January 21
Jennifer Weymark, Oshawa Museum
Letters from the Trenches: Oshawa’s WWI Soldiers

February 18
Dr. Amy Barron, Clarington Museums
Camp 30


January 15
Sarah Ferencz, Whitby Archives
Whitby’s First Postmaster, looking at history through a 21st century lens

February 19
Jennifer Weymark, Oshawa Museum
To Cast a Reflection: The Thomas Henry Correspondence Collection

March 19
Ron Brown
Canada’s World Wonders

April 16
Myron Momryk
Mike Starr of Oshawa

May 21
Melissa Cole, Oshawa Museum
Introducing The Vintage Catwalk
Patty Davis, The Costume People
Dressing Mrs. Passmore

September 17
Laura Suchan & Bill Eby
The Hyams Brothers

October 15
Chris Jones, Director of Planning and Regulation, Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA)
A History of CLOCA and CLOCA in Our Community

November 19
Oshawa’s Heritage Partners
Local History Panel: A conversation with the museums and heritage organizations in Oshawa


January 16
Laura Suchan, Oshawa Museum, and Stoney Kudel, OHS
The Thomas Henry Memoirs

February 20
Peter Young
Let’s Dance: A Celebration of Ontario’s Dance Halls and Summer Dance Pavilions

March 20
Mike McDonnell
Canadians and the US Civil War

April 17
Danielle Manning, Archives of Ontario
Lights, Cameras, Archives

May 15
Melissa Cole, Oshawa Museum
Oshawa’s Medical History

September 18
Megan Houston, Sharon Temple NHS
A History of the Children of Peace and Sharon Temple

October 16
Dr. Helen Haines, Trent University Department of Anthropology
The Henry House Field School

November 20
Oshawa Fire Services
150 Years of Oshawa Fire Services


January 17
Lisa Terech, Oshawa Museum
Canada 150: An Oshawa Perspective

February 21
Linda Jansma, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery
The RMG at 50, Painters 11 and Contemporary Canadian Art

March 21
Dave Mowat, Community Consultation Specialist, Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation
A History of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation

April 18
Melissa Cole, Oshawa Museum
Celebrating 60 Years of the Oshawa Historical Society

May 16
Gregory Klages
The Many Deaths of Tom Thomson

September 19
Samantha George, Parkwood NHS
100 Years of Parkwood

October 17
Paul Arculus
Pine Grove Cemetery

November 21
Dr. Alyson King, UOIT
Women’s Right to Vote (100 Years of Women’s Suffrage in Ontario)


January 19
Sarah Coates
Historical Re-enacting
Special Presentation by Heritage Oshawa

February 16
Lucy Maud Montgomery Society
L.M. Montgomery and World War I

March 15
Ontario Regiment Museum
150th Anniversary of the Ontario Regiment

April 19
Melissa Cole, Curator
Oshawa’s Masonic History

May 17
Terry Boyle
Discover Ontario

September 20
Alessandra Cirelli, Robert McLaughlin Gallery & Melissa Cole, OM
Prohibition in Oshawa

October 18
Ron Brown
Rails Across Canada

November 15
George Sachs, Toronto Postcards Club
Postcards 101


Jan 20
Samantha George, Parkwood NHS: Parkwood’s Greenhouse Conservation

Feb 17
Elaine Lievaart, Ajax Public Library: Bomb Girls of DIL

Mar 17
Melissa Cole, Curator: Reflections of Oshawa

Apr 21
AGM – Alexander Gates, Canadian Automotive Museum: The Seven Rolls-Royce Limousines of the Canadian Automotive Museum

May 19
Larry Cotton: Whiskey and Wickedness: Yonge Street – 100 Taverns in 100 Miles

Sep 15
Laura Suchan and Melissa Cole, OCM: Oshawa’s Union Cemetery

Oct 20
CANADIGM: Souterraine Impressions: Cave Carvings by Canadian Soldiers in WWI

Nov 17:
Dr. Deepa Kundur: Photography and the History of the Manipulated Image; Presented in partnership with The RMG


Feb 18
Charles Taws, Archivist, Clarington Museums: Camp 30

Mar 18
Ontario Regiment Museum: Oshawa and WWI

Apr 22
AGM – Mark Osbaldeston: Unbuilt Toronto

May 20
Ian Kinder: Empress of Ireland

Sep 16
John McKenty: Canada Cycle and Motor

Oct 21
John Goddard: Inside the Toronto Museums

Nov 18:
Research Symposium: Jennifer Weymark (Story of Guy House) / Patty Davis (The Nursing Sister’s Uniform)


Jan 15
Paul Arculus: Dr. Edwin Campbell Durant’s Right Hand Man

Feb 19
Lisa Terech & Jennifer Weymark: Oshawa’s Black History: A Look Into A Family’s History

Mar 19
Gary Bazowsky & Earl Wotton: Oshawa Regiment Museum

Apr 16
Melissa Cole, OCM Curator: Oshawa’s Railways – Tales From the Tracks

May 21
Grant Karcich: The Scugog Carrying Place

Sep 17
Lorraine O’Donnell Williams: Memories of the Beach

Oct 15
Ron Brown: Rails Across Ontario

Nov 19
Research Symposium, Featuring: Oshawa Central Collegiate, Heritage Oshawa, Jennifer Weymark


Jan 17
Archaeological Services Inc: Don Jail Excavation

Feb 21
Nancy Macleod: Victorian Medicine Show

Mar 20
Ron Brown: Ghost Railways

Apr 17
Melissa Cole, OCM Curator: History of Ship Building in Oshawa

May 15
Edith George: Heritage Trees

Sep 18
Dorothy Duncan: Life in Upper Canada, 1812-1814

Oct 23   Foundations for Building Sustainable Communities: Oshawa and the War of 1812

Nov 20
Research Symposium: OCM Staff: If This House Could Talk launch; Rewriting the History of Henry House


Jan 18
Darryl Withrow: 1837 Rebellion Memento Boxes

Feb 15
Ron Brown: From Queenston to Kingston: The Hidden Heritage of Lake Ontario’s Shoreline

Mar 15
Dorothy Duncan: Feasting and Fasting

Apr 19
April Cullen: Adelaide House

May 17
Melissa Cole: Oshawa’s Theatrical History

Sep 20
Jillian Passmore: Early Education in Oshawa

Oct 11
Sonya Jones:    Oshawa Leisure, 100 years ago

Nov 15
Research Symposium: Lisa Terech (John Dickie and the Rebellion Boxes); Samantha George (Parkwood & Col. Sam)