Speaker Series Review: The History of Manipulated Images

Our final Speaker Series for 2015 was held on Tuesday, November 17, and we were proud to partner with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in presenting Dr. Deepa Kundur from the University of Toronto.  Dr. Kundur shared the history of manipulated photographs and ways to tell if an image had been altered.

Currently on display at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery is Mindful Manipulation: Selections from the Thomas Bouckley Collection, showcasing images that have been altered in one way or another and the reasons for the manipulations.  Images from the Oshawa Community Archives collection are included in the exhibition, which is on through to January 10, 2016.

Once again, thank you to our supportive membership for a fantastic 2015, and we hope to see you again in January!

Check out our Speaker Series page for more information on planned speakers for 2016.

At November's Speaker Series; photo by S. Jones

At November’s Speaker Series; photo by S. Jones