April Speaker Series – A Visit to Toronto’s First Post Office in 1834

It is difficult for our 21st century selves to contemplate a time when handwriting was the only means of sending a thought any distance. When Toronto incorporated as a City in 1834, it was already a bustling capital of just over 9000 inhabitants, most of whom were recent immigrants, having left family and friends across borders and oceans. But the new city was remote, and isolated. And if these residents wanted to communicate farther than shouting distance, there was only one way – by putting it in writing.

Join Zoé Delguste-Cincotta, Curator at Toronto’s First Post Office, for this illustrated presentation which will highlight the history of the postal service in the Town of York and the building and operation of the first Post Office in the city of Toronto.

The event is free to attend, but donations are kindly accepted (suggested $5/person)

April’s Speaker Series is taking place on Tuesday, April 20, at 7pm, via Zoom. Registration in advance is required.