May Speaker Series Review

Last night, those who attended the Speaker Series were treated to an evening  of historical entertainment!  Staff member Madison, our Media Director Extraordinaire, has created several videos for the museum, and two of which were previewed at the OHS meeting: “The Sea Shanty Exhibit – Behind the Scenes,” and “The Story of Granny Cock.”  These videos can be found on our Youtube Channel, simply follow these links:

The Sea Shanty Exhibit – Behind the Scenes:
The Story of Granny Cock:

Our guest speaker for the evening was Edith George from Trees Ontario.  She told the story of a tree growing in Toronto, and the stories of the families who owned the tree throughout its lifetime.  It was fascinating to see how just one tree had many prominent owners, and how lucky it is to still be standing in a Toronto neighbourhood, well-loved by those who own it and by its neighbours.

This was our last Speakers Series until September.   As always, thank you to those who were in attendance.

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