Welcome to the OHS

Henry House

Henry House

The Oshawa Historical Society was established to maintain and preserve the history of Oshawa. In accordance with this objective, the Society encourages the study and research of the history of Oshawa by: keeping an accurate account of the historical, architectural and archaeological heritage, promoting public interest in Oshawa’s history, and supporting the Community Museum and Archives in housing artifacts and written records of historical importance.
Members of the Oshawa Historical Society can assist in the preservation of Oshawa’s History by becoming involved in the Society’s activities and events. Members of the Society are provided with early notice of historical tours and other community events; are given free admission to the Oshawa Community Museum and a 15% discount at the Museum gift store. From September until May, members of the Society are invited to attend monthly meetings addressing a variety of heritage topics and other historical presentations. In addition to meeting other people with the same interests, members can also keep up to date by reading the Society’s newsletter “Historical Happenings” that is published on a quarterly basis.

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