Ron Brown Ghost Railways Review

OHS President Merle Cole addressing a sold out crowd on Tuesday March 20th

On Tuesday, Ontario author and historian Ron Brown presented his talk on Ghost Railways to a sold out crowd at the McLaughlin Oshawa Public Library.

Featuring grown-over, unmaintained rail lines, abandoned train stations, and stations which have stood the test of time, now flourishing with a new purpose, Mr. Brown, as always, entertained the audience and provided for another interesting evening with Ontario’s history.

A special thank you to everyone who attended the meeting, and to those who took time to contact the Historical Society to RSVP or to inquire about the meeting.  Ron Brown has proven to be a very popular speaker (rightly so!), and everyone’s participation helped us at the Historical Society to plan the evening.

Thank you again.

Merle getting into the spirit of the evening


The man of the hour, Ron Brown

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