Speaker Series Review: 2013 Research Syposium

2013 Research Syposium

2013 Research Symposium

Our Fourth Annual Research Symposium was a great success, and we have to thank our presenters and everyone who attended that evening!

The four students from Oshawa Central Collegiate did a fantastic job presenting their research on soldiers from World War I who were from Oshawa.  We learned about who these individuals were, and the students showed their creativity by reading poems or sharing what they think the soldier would have written in a diary or letter.

Heritage Oshawa was pleased to present their updated Heritage Inventory, highlighting the history in our community.  Follow this link to view their inventory online: http://www.oshawa.ca/media/file/2013%20INVENTORY%20-%20Sept%202013%20Final.pdf

Finally, Jennifer Weymark, Archivist for the Oshawa Community Archives, shared her research on Oshawa Nursing Sisters from World War I.


Thank you to everyone who attended our final Speaker Series for 2013, and thank you to everyone who attended throughout the year.  We have an exciting schedule lined up for 2014.  Check our Speaker Series page for information on our program for the upcoming year!

On behalf of the Oshawa Historical Society, thank you for a great year, and we are very excited for 2014!

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