Minutes, Annual General Meeting, 2014

Held at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 22, 2014, at the McLaughlin Branch of the Oshawa Public Library; 65 Bagot Street, Oshawa


  1. Welcome: Merle Cole, President of the Board, called to order the 56th Annual General Meeting of the Oshawa Historical Society and drew attention to last year’s minutes printed on page 24 – 25 of the Annual Report.
  2. A motion was called to accept the Minutes of the April 30, 2013 Annual General Meeting as distributed. Moved by Ray Smith; seconded by Pat Davies.
  3. Merle then asked the Membership to review the information contained in the 2013 Annual Report. He noted that the Oshawa Historical Society is financially sound and continues to grow and prosper. A motion was called to adopt the 2013 Annual Report as written. Moved by Linda Bazowsky; seconded by Brian Gough.
  4. Stoney Kudel read the Nomination Committee Report detailing the members put forth for positions on the Board of Directors. A motion was called to approve the Nominating Committee Report. Moved by Roy Miles; seconded by Gary Bazowsky.
  5. Merle introduced the members of the Board of Directors and thanked Gary Challice, John Beirness and Noel Hutchison for their service to the Board.
  6. Merle then called upon David Dowsley, Treasurer. A motion was called “to reappoint Deloitte as auditors for 2014”. Moved by David Dowsley; seconded by Dorothy Kitchen.
  7. Next Merle called upon Lisa Terech, Youth Engagement/Programs and Jennifer Pandelidis, Visitor Experience Co-ordinator (acting), to present volunteer recognition certificates and the 2013 Earl Hann volunteer of the Year Award recipient. Karen Albrecht was the Earl Hann Award recipient and Pat Davies was the top hour earner for 2013.

 Volunteer certificates were presented to or accepted on the behalf of: Karen Albrecht, Tyler Angi, Mackenzie Bodnar, Laura Booth, Mary Ellen Cole, Emily Dafoe, Pat Davies, Gale D’Souza, Ksenia Gayvronoskaya, Judy Harper, Sharon Henderson, Kathryn Holden, Wendy Jing, Raina Kamdar, Dorothy Kitchen, Gabrielle Lavictoire, Diego Maenza, Peter Martin, Donna Martino, Victoria Nelimarkka, Shawn Perron, Susanne Sutton, Erika Suchan, Matthew Suchan, Anne Terry, Katharina Waclawek, Chelsea Wishak, Leah Zak, Susan Marsh, Tammy Gay.

  1. Membership service pins were presented by Lisa Terech, Youth Engagement/Programs to the following long-standing members:

5 year pins: Sandra Gaskell, Josephine & Michael Geraghty, Oshawa Port Authority (no pin, but recognised), Pat Mackie

10 year pins: Bob & Marlene Abrey, John Beirness, Doug & Diane Terwillegar

15 Year Pins: Douglas & Sydney Conant, Allen County Public Library (no pin, but recognised)

20 year pins: Frank & Pearl Cooper, Sharon Henry

35 Year Pins: Eric Glenholmes (no pin, but recognised)

  1. Merle then called for a motion to adjourn the 56th Annual General Meeting of the Oshawa Historical Society. Moved by David Dowsley, seconded by Carl Steenburg.

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