October Speaker Series – Decorating the Dead: Coffin Hardware and the Farewell Cemetery

The Farewell Cemetery Coffin Hardware Collection, housed at the Oshawa Museum, offers a unique opportunity to study the intersection of  iconography, rituals and status in 19th century society.  The Coffin Hardware Collection was uncovered in 1992 during road expansion, when unauthorized burials were discovered in the construction path.  These burials were located outside  the perimeter of the nearby 19th century Farewell Cemetery, home to some of the earliest settlers in Oshawa, Ontario.  Archaeologists successfully re-located a total of 36 graves within the cemetery perimeter and the coffin hardware was placed at the Oshawa Museum. 

This presentation will examine the different styles of 19th century coffin hardware and its similarities to gravestone adornment and the use of coffin decorations as an indicator of social status.

The October Speaker Series is taking place on Tuesday, October 19 at 7pm, hosted on Zoom. The event is free to attend, but donations are kindly accepted (suggested $5/person).

Registration is required in advance:

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