Speaker Series Review – The Scugog Carrying Place

Thank you to everyone who attended May’s Speaker Series, our last Speaker Series until September.  We were excited to hear from local author Grant Karcich, who retold the history of the Scugog Carrying Place, a trail which leads from the Oshawa Harbour north past Port Perry, Cannington, with its terminus in Beaverton.  Grant believes that this trail largely helped the development of these villages, which grew to the towns and cities we know today.  Is this ‘Carrying Place’ still in existence?  If you were to compare the path of the Carrying Place to today’s Simcoe Street, there are many similarities in directions, routes, twists, and turns!

Thank you again to all who attended, and we are looking forward to seeing you once more on September 17!

Grant Karcich and his latest publication: 'The Scugog Carrying Place'

Grant Karcich and his latest publication: ‘The Scugog Carrying Place’



Mr. Karcich addressing the croud

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