May Speaker Series – Discover Ontario

9781459732209Bootleggers, shipwrecks, UFOs and more. Ontario’s history is full of interesting stories and legends, and on Tuesday, May 17, author Terry Boyle will be joining the Oshawa Historical Society to share these and other stories from his latest publication, Discover Ontario.

The Oshawa Historical Society’s May Speaker Series is taking place Tuesday May 17 at 7PM. The Speaker Series will be held at the McLaughlin Branch of the Oshawa Public Library, located at 65 Bagot Street, Oshawa. Admission to the Oshawa Historical Society Speaker Series is $3 or FREE for members of the Oshawa Historical Society.

2 thoughts on “May Speaker Series – Discover Ontario

  1. John Jeffery says:

    The Oshawa history of General Motors of Canada Limited needs to be told from 1939 to 1945 as 500,000 Canadian Military Pattern trucks were built in Oshawa from 1939 to 1945 and up until 1945 We in Oshawa in the Company owned by R S McLaughlin out built the Germans

  2. John Jeffery says:

    Why is it when the Archives in Pennsylvania contradict this history of McLaughlin’s selling as all he did was sell off his outstanding stocks held in Chevrolet to allow the US after he merged both his Companies in Canada the McLaughlin Car Company of Canada Limited and The Chevrolet Motor Company of Canada Limited, to become registered as General Motors of Canada Limited prior to his sale of Chevrolet Stock to allow W Durant to incorporate a company that was owned by Chevrolet from 1916 with 56.4% of the stock. The story of McLaughlin saying (sold) was the Chevrolet stock. The 1000 dealers the McLaughlin Carriage Company and his plants were not sold. I have in the past worked Paul but continued to investigate the facts in the sale and there are none. I feel McLaughlin Dr. E Campbell started GM holding after the exchange of 500,000 shares of Buick Shares for Buick shares gave the Banks the money based on the 1,000,000 shares Edwin Campbell of General Motors Holding Company put on the Chicago exchange.

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